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Videos are one of the most under-utilised marketing elements in the business and sales process. It may sound unnecessary for your Company, but videos will soon be key to growing your brand image, personalising your company, and filling up your sales funnel. This is also a great way to entice new clients to use you, by showing them you think outside of the box compared to your competitors.

Watch your conversion rates sky-rocket by adding engaging and dynamic content, as opposed to plain old black and white writing throughout your website; attention spans are getting shorter, so you need to keep your audience engaged, regardless of your industry!

Use Deren as your professional presenter to help personalise your brand, put a face behind your business, and act as your online 24/7 salesman promoting your message and business.

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MarketingEmpire.TV stemmed from our original marketing agency,, when a lot of our clients were requesting videos to become a permanent part of their marketing mix,after all, they were relatively inexpensive for clients, they could be used for months or even years, and videos were widely proven to help attract and convert more sales.


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